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2016-04-15 NA HD

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Mother’s Revenge

Half-man, half cat, fraud dead revive the legendary 1924 Northeast cat lady’s face again in a town. Zhou mother of four siblings froze to death in a night of heavy snow, black cat across the corpse over, Zhou Granny by gas revive avatar face cat lady, mysterious spirit is now in town, Zhoujia Chun, summer, autumn and winter four siblings therefore fall into the old lady’s cat face death curse being. Cat face old lady fraud corpse Huihun, black cat possessed legendary spirit again now, so the incarnation century town house ghost Yin kiln, Zhou four siblings trying to escape the town overnight, get rid of the cat people different ghost ghosts tangled, no one thought … …

Titre:Mother’s Revenge
Titre original:Mother’s Revenge
Date de sortie: 2016-04-15
Taal: 普通话
Wiki:’s Revenge
Runtime: 90 min.
 Tag Keyword:chinese horror
 Titres alternatifs:
  • Mao Lian Lao Tai Tai
  • Mother’s Revenge

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Mother’s Revenge Cast

Mother's Revenge
Chong Wang
饰 小秋
Mother's Revenge
Miao Tian
饰 小夏
Mother's Revenge
Dan Wei Wang
饰 小冬
Mother's Revenge
Xi Wu
饰 小春

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